Getting to Know Metro Detroit Through Our Local Wanderful Chapter


Wanderful continues to grow all throughout the world and we’re excited for you to get to know more cities through our local chapters! What’s next of cities to visit and connect with our Wanderful community? Metro Detroit!

We sat down with Chapter Director, Simone Neuber, to get to know a bit more about what makes her city such a hot spot for travelers and what she loves best about her hometown!

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Tell us a bit about yourself and why you love to travel.

I’m a German Expat from Cologne, the capital of German carnival (at least if you ask the locals!) I’ve been living in the US, more precisely Ann Arbor, Michigan since 2015. Nowadays I travel mostly with my husband and better-half. Even though I’m definitely a city girl, I love to go out and explore the wilderness on my travels. If you’re in the mood for a kayaking trip, some hiking, camping or just going on a good old fashioned road trip, I’m your girl!

Why are you excited to bring Wanderful to your city?

Metro Detroit is such a vibrant area with so many different cultural influences, that I first couldn’t believe that there isn’t already a Chapter here. We do get a lot of travelers and expats due to the companies and businesses that are coming back to the city and suburbs, that I think it is high time for a place for women to connect and represent the area.

Why did you decide to start a Wanderful chapter in your city?

Well, that is easy: there was none!

What makes your city a perfect place for travellers to visit?

Metro Detroit has been looked down upon for so long that people forget this is a city with a rich history with vibrant communities and remarkable resilience. There are so many stories here that need to be shared and experienced. People in Metro Detroit are willing to share their amazing home with anybody who is interested to learn more because for so long nobody wanted to hear their stories.

What are the top 3 things every traveler should experience in your city?

  1. Eastern Market, Detroit on a Saturday in the spring or summer. It feels like the whole city is mingling about and doing their weekly grocery shopping while eating amazing street food and listening to live music.
  2. Ann Arbor Summer Fest when there are free concerts, free open-air movies, classes, and amazing street food for 3 WHOLE WEEKS!
  3. Having a beer from at least one of the amazing microbreweries all over Metro Detroit!

What are the top 3 sights every traveler should see in your city?

  1. Easter Market and Dequindre Cut Murals
  2. Downtown Ann Arbor
  3. Downtown Detroit

What can your city expect from their Wanderful local chapter?

We will start our monthly Brunch Club this month and I hope to organize a variety of different events to connect with other travel-loving women including Happy Hours, outdoor trips, and more!

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