Origami For Kids: 42 Simple Step-By-Step Tutorials for Beginners


14 Easy Origami Tutorials for Kids | If you're looking for simple step by step origami for beginners, we've got you covered! From flowers, to stars, to hearts, to animals, to finger puppets, to holiday origami ideas and more, these origami videos are a fun way to craft with your kids. Origami offers a great way to develop a child's fine motor skills, and these art projects double as beautiful DIY gifts kids can make. Grab your origami paper and give some of these ideas a try!

If you’re looking for simple step-by-step origami for kids tutorials, we’ve got you covered! From flowers and stars, to finger puppets and gift boxes, to adorable animals and holiday decorations, these origami instructions and videos offer a fun and inexpensive way to craft with your kids. Origami is a great way to help children develop and strengthen their fine motor skills, and these art projects double as beautiful DIY gift kids can make for family and friends.

Grab your origami paper and give some of these origami for kids tutorials a try!

7 Origami Essentials to Invest In

Origami paper
Origami paper is square, and while you can certainly cut any paper you have on hand into a square shape, you can buy an entire pack of origami paper in bright, fun colors pretty inexpensively.

Paper trimmer
As you progress to more complex designs, a paper trimmer is a great tool to have on hand as some origami projects require different sizes of paper for different pieces.

A ruler is another important origami supply to have on hand. This will allow you to measure out different sizes of paper for more detailed designs, and you can also use the edge of the ruler as a makeshift paper trimmer if needed. A metal ruler with a cork backing is best (see the link above) as this will ensure your ruler stays put as you are measuring and trimming.

Paper creaser
If you don’t have long nails (or want to preserve your nails, lol), a paper creaser is a great tool to help make crisp folds in your origami paper.

Crafters double-sided tape
A little double-sided tape is perfect for repairing tears and securing your finished product. You an also use glue, but I find double-sided tape better since glue can stain the paper and weigh it down.

Paper clips
You probably won’t need paper clips for beginner designs, but as you move to more complex origami, they can be helpful in holding things together as you fold and manipulate.

Hole punch and string
If you intend on hanging your finished piece, a hole punch and string are a must!

Origami For Kids: 14 Beginner Tutorials

Origami Ninja Star | Paper Kawaii
Origami Corner Bookmarks | Creative Ramblings
Mini Origami Presents | Paper Kawaii
Origami Finger Puppets | What Do We Do All Day?
Five-Point Star | Christine’s Crafts
Paper Origami Cubes | Frugal Fun For Boys and Girls
Origami Rings | Red Ted Art
Origami Woven Hearts | Paper Kawaii
One-Minute Origami Rose | Origami Tutorials
Origami Tulips | Mom Does Reviews
Kissing Lips Popup Origami | Homemade Gifts Made Easy
Origami Flower Bowl | Paper Kawaii
Easy Origami Box | easy origami
Easy Origami Bird Finger Puppet | Red Ted Art

Origami For Kids: 14 Animal Tutorials

Easy Origami Fish | Easy Peasy and Fun
Easy Origami Chicken | Fold ‘n Crease
Easy Origami Llama | easy origami
Jumping Frog | The Printables Fairy
Cute Origami Horse | Fold ‘ Crease
Origami Butterflies | Mad In Crafts
Origami Elephants | Paper Kawaii
Origami Mice | Red Ted Art
Origami Rabbits | Fave Mom
Origami Dog | Make-Origami.com
Origami Giraffe | Fave Mom
Origami Crab | Krokotak
Origami Lion | Fold ‘n Crease
Easy Origami Triceratops | easy origami

Origami For Kids: 14 Decoration Tutorials

Origami Slinky | Hirigana Mama
3-D Paper Stars | gathering beauty
Easy Origami Paper Crane Mobile | All Free Paper Crafts
Origami Gift Box | gathering beauty
Easy Origami Crown | My First Origami
Origami Pumpkins | gathering beauty
Origami Witch | Krokotak
Origami Christmas Trees | gathering beauty
Origami Santas | AmyCraft
Origami Starburst Wreath | make and takes
Origami Stars Garland | Chica Circle
Valentine’s Origami Bat | Red Ted Art
3D Origami Hearts | Life Is A Party
Origami Easter Bunny Baskets | gathering beauty

Whether you’re looking for boredom busters for bad weather days, or in need of DIY gifts kids can make, I hope this collection of origami for kids tutorials inspires you!


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