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Plan a Trip to Barcelona, Spain

Start here to plan a trip to Barcelona, Spain. This comprehensive guide offers resources from a variety of travel experts & influencers! This women’s travel guide highlights all the best places to eat, explore, learn, and meet new people.

From touring the famous Sagrada Familia, to wandering through Parc Guell, to checking out the street fashion, there is so much to learn about and explore on your Barcelona trip.

Barcelona is known for being a walkable city with lots of places to stop, shop, and explore. Be prepared to bring your walking shoes and your camera for a memorable time!

Whether you’re solo or with your whole family Barcelona has some great sights and activities for everyone.

Check out our travel tips from women all over the world below. We have what you need to plan and go to Barcelona without missing a thing.

What to See and Do in Barcelona, Spain

You can’t leave Barcelona without visiting La Sagrada Familia, tasting the tapas, and touring some other spectacular sights in the area. The area is known for its rich Catalonian history, spectacular architecture, and amazing activities for everyone to do and explore.

Wanderful Recommendations for Things to See and Do in Barcelona:

Looking to travel solo? Somto has the perfect solo travel guide for you. She covers personal safety and smart ways to solo travel as well as some of the beautiful sights to check out in the area.

Sundai shares a video where she has put together a list of hidden and not-so-hidden treasures to check out:

Need some help saving money while traveling to the center of the city? Somto has a step-by-step blog to help you plan a trip to Barcelona.

Know Before You Go

  • Visiting La Sagrada Familia? Here’s a list of rookie mistakes you shouldn’t make at the beautiful basilica.
  • Check out this list of essential travel tips for your safety and security.
  • Read about these ways for you to feel safe as a solo female traveler in a foreign city from Diamond.

Tess has great tips and tricks for when traveling with friends for cheap in her travel vlog.

Need something off the beaten path? Jessica put together a video of the alluring secret gardens in Barcelona:

If you’re looking for a guide tailored specifically to kids, Angela’s post is perfect for family-friendly activities and locations to enjoy.

Somto has a long list of fun things to do in the city without breaking the bank.

Soledad from Barcelona Diaries has a carefully-curated Instagram that explores one of the country’s largest cities:

Marta offers a Barcelona guide that takes you from the streets of old town up to Montjuic Hill in just four days!

Listen: Music, Arts, & Events in Barcelona

Barcelona is known for its music as well as its celebrations. From light festivals, to Christmas celebrations, to large music festivals, Barcelona has tons of culture and activities to explore. Make sure you’re prepared to see breathtaking views, taste new foods, and listen to new music when you visit this gorgeous and ancient city.

Recommendations for Music & Events in Barcelona:

Jessica from Barcelona Blonde suggests you check out the art installations and light festivals.

Christmas in Barcelona

  • Check out Jessica’s blog on things you can do during Christmas time.
  • Need more ideas for the holiday season? Read about Barcelonian traditions and tapas here.
  • Marta has a guide for you on what to do before, during, and after Christmas if you’re in Barcelona.
  • Check out the video below if you planning to explore the Christmas Markets:

Marta from ForeverBarcelona has outlined some ways to get connected to the culture and Catalonian practices.

If you’re in Barcelona during the spring, you should stop by the international Primavera Sound Festival. Gill has a rundown of this awesome festival.

If you’re in Barcelona on March 3rd, you have to stop by the Festes de Sant Medir.

Anne talks about the awesome Festival L’Hora del Jazz which runs every Sunday through the month of September.

Maisie takes us through her experience at the Off Sonar festival in Barcelona where you can pick your events and listen to dozens of artists:

Taste of Barcelona: What to Eat and Drink

Barcelona is known for its exquisite eats and tasty tapas, so make sure that on your visit you don’t miss out on all of the Spanish and Catalonian-inspired foods.

Wanderful Recommendations for Food & Drink in Barcelona:

Check out Suzy’s comprehensive list of places to eat in the city that will last you your whole trip to Barcelona.

Em Sheldon covers a lot of cool places to check out within the city, including a large market filled with cultural foods from the area and more:

If you want a true Catalan breakfast, look no further than Marta’s guide from ForeverBarcelona where she unpacks what and where to truly have a breakfast of champions.

Suzy from Foodie In Barcelona has put together her top five places to eat in the area and it’s definitely worth the read.

Sundai details the must-try foods you just have to eat while in Barcelona in her food guide.

Check out Marta and Maria’s page for the best local Barcelona travel advice from two sisters that travel the world.

Sara shares aesthetically-pleasing images of food from all over Barcelona’s city on her Instagram:

Ariadna has a page of sweets, treats, and more on her page @foodyingBcn.

Suzy has the perfect cafe for if you’re craving Japanese-inspired food while in Barcelona.

Vegan, Vegetarian, and Gluten Free Options

Gluten-free? Julie from Guiri Girl in Barcelona has a list of tasty joints that can satiate your hunger and tailor to your gluten-free desires.

Eloisa is a chef who specializes in vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free food. Her Instagram is filled with yummy pictures of Spanish-inspired food you can make on your own:

If you’re vegan or simply looking for some new spots to eat, Nicole and Jake have a video exploring and documenting what they ate while in Barcelona:

Understand: History, Culture, and Going Beyond the Tourist Track in Barcelona

Barcelona offers centuries of interesting history and culture that has been influenced by a multitude of groups over time. Thus, there are a lot of interesting historical artifacts and locations to visit once you step foot into the beautiful city. Below, you’ll find out about the less-populated areas to get an authentic backstory and experience local culture for yourself.

Wanderful Recommendations for Learning About Barcelona:

Marta from ForeverBarcelona has a list of underrated treasures the city has to offer that you simply must explore.

If you want to explore the Catalonian culture and are eager to visit some locations in the Barcelona area, Marta has a list of medieval towns to visit and explore.

Free Things to Do in Barcelona

  • Hoping to avoid tourist groups? Check out Somto’s self-guided walking tour.
  • Somto also highlights some things to do in Barcelona for free.
  • Want to learn about local culture through film? Marta has a list of movie night suggestions to get you started.

Explore More

If you’re trying to avoid touristy sights, Jessica has ten historically and culturally significant alternatives to the famous tourist traps.

If you decide to leave the popular city for a day, Julie recommends you stop by Sitges.

Lauren and her family offer insight into ways to learn about Barcelona’s culture while in the city on her Instagram:

Marta from ForeverBarcelona has guides for what sights to see, as well as their historical significance.

Here is the perfect 5–day itinerary of what to see, do, and eat in Barcelona.

Want to try and cook some famous Spanish dishes? Marta has easily-accessible cookbook suggestions.

Marta has pulled together a list of famous sights to see from the comfort of your couch.

Suzy has a list of small businesses with excellent service and a range of nutrition choices.

Connect: Meet Wanderful Women in Barcelona

The Wanderful Barcelona Chapter would love to welcome you when you visit this historic city! You can find them directly via our Wanderful members-only app.

Other Resources to Plan a Trip to Barcelona

  • TimeOut has a comprehensive list of top restaurants in Barcelona
  • The Barcelona Edit has a list of suggestions for you and your friends to explore
  • The Barcelona Travel Magazine has carefully curated posts from photographers and tourism junkies alike
  • Sh Barcelona is a great website to check out for more information about the area

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