5-Minute Workout: Squat Variations

Our 5-minute workouts feature big-bang-for-your-buck exercises that work multiple muscle groups—some moves work th

5 Reasons Walking Is Better Than Coffee For an Energy Boost

It can easily become a habit to reach for a cup of coffee first thing in the morning and again mid-afternoon when

How to Modify a Burpee

What is it about the burpee that makes us crazy? We love to hate them. We groan and roll our eyes when an instruct

Elliptical, StairMaster or Walking: Which Is Best For Weight Loss?

When it comes to moving your body regularly, cardiovascular activity is important. Not only does it assist with we

Steps, Miles, Minutes … How to Measure Walking For Losing Weight?

When it comes to measuring your walking, you may be wondering what metric to choose. You could measure your walkin

Build a Better Cereal Bowl

As a kid, your go-to breakfast may have been a bowl of cold cereal. For adults, it almost feels like a guilty plea

Elizabeth Lost More Than 100 Pounds While Eating All Foods

When Elizabeth Simion, a business analyst and MBA student in Austin, Texas, began looking for a job, she worried h

A Love Letter to Broccoli: Where Is the Respect?

I didn’t forget about the vegetable that made me the man I am today. Get that acai smoothie out of my face. I don’

10 Tips for Passing on Alcohol This Holiday Season

The holiday season brings so many good things — festive gatherings included. But if you’re trying to reduce your a

The 4 Best Moves for Stronger Abs

Most people miss the mark when it comes to training their abdominals. They either do countless sit-ups and crunche
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