Ultimate Grocery Guide: Kid-Friendly Foods

Teaching kids to be healthy eaters isn’t always the easiest task, especially if they’ve decided the only two thing

All About Alternatives: Meat

We are not lacking for meat substitutes these days, especially with the growing popularity of a plant-based (or “p

The Truth About Greek Yogurt

You, me and everyone with a spoon have been privy to the thick yogurt revolution of recent years for its high-prot

8 Mental Tricks for Getting “Back on Track”

Getting back to eating healthy — whatever that means to you — can be tricky after time off. But whether you took a

Is Plant-Based Dairy Better for You Than the Real Deal?

Head over to the dairy case these days and you may notice that there are just as many plant-based yogurts, cheeses

Dietitian Tips for Navigating the Holiday Table

Holidays can be challenging for many reasons — the stress, family dynamics, travel and even the food. Hear me out

Can You Walk Too Much?

As it turns out, you can get too much of a good thing. Or, more accurately, too much of a good thing has the poten

Even a 10-Minute Walk Could Help Reduce Depression, According to Science

Establishing a consistent exercise routine like walking has plenty of benefits, from improved sleep to better card

How Improving Strides Improves Walking Fitness

Walking seems like a pretty basic human movement. After all, its one of the first major motor skills we learn, and

5 Ways to Progress From Walking to Running

As with any new habit, whether it’s drinking more water or starting a meditation practice, learning to love runnin
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