Does living together before marriage lead to divorce?

"So happy together? See more pictures of kissing.© 2009 Jupiterimages CorporationBefore we plunk down our hard-earned mo

10 Questions to Ask on a Date

"Just getting the date is the first step. Knowing which questions to ask can lead to some very revealing answers.Allan D

6 Tips for Spending Your First Holiday Season With Your Partner

It’s the most wonderful time of the year to share with your family and loved ones, and your partner is no exception. Spe

5 Things to Discuss Before Getting Engaged

For many of us, being engaged means putting most (if not all) of our attention on wedding planning. It’s so easy to get

The 8 Relationship Mistakes We’ve All Made—And What To Do Instead

Its complicated is more than a relationship status on Facebook or a really great Meryl Streep movie; its likely how weve

9 Signs a Relationship Isn’t Right, Even if Nothing is “Wrong”

To state an obvious truth, breakups are hard. In my own experience, they can be even more difficult when you cant pinpoi

8 Tips for Meeting Your Partner’s Family During the Holidays

Although first impressions arent always an accurate representation of who we are, theyre a way for people to create an i

How to Maintain a Friendship When You’re in Different Life Stages

One thing that becomes clear as we move through our 20s and 30s is just how easy it is to end up in a very different lif

How can I tell when to text and when to call?

"Sure sending a text is relatively painless, quick and comfortable, but will it land you a date?©

Are You Codependent or Do You Just Have Regular Emotional Needs?...

I have to admit: I’m often pretty codependent in my relationships. Sometimes I’ll decide to not speak up about something
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