18 Pocket Squares to Upgrade Your Wedding Suit or Tux


Accessorizing with a wedding pocket square on your special day is tradition if you’re going for a classic ensemble, but it also allows you to tie your look together and express your personal style—plus, it just looks cool. By tucking this piece of fabric into the breast pocket of your suit or tuxedo, you can incorporate a pop of color, an eye-catching pattern, or a luxe fabric (like silk). From point folds to puff folds and square folds, we guarantee that a pocket square elevates any look.

Whether you’re tying the knot at your local courthouse or hosting the ultimate black-tie event, there’s a pocket square on the market bound to fit your vision. Ready to take your wedding attire to the next level? Keep reading to see our favorite wedding pocket squares for formal occasions that you can shop right now.

Silk Paisley Pocket Square

You can’t go wrong with a traditional paisley pattern, and you definitely can’t go wrong with silk. The rich colors featured on this pocket square create an elegant effect—just look at that gold border.

Black Pocket Square with White Trim

While the design on this pocket square from Tom Ford is simple, the contrasting white trim makes it stand out. Just picture it peeking out of the pocket on a classic black tux—you’d win “sharpest dressed” at the venue for sure (and not just because you’re the groom).

Customizable Color Pocket Square

If you’re looking to add color to your ensemble, you’ve come to the right place. From periwinkle and spiced wine to mint green and honeysuckle, the shade options for this customizable pocket square are pretty much endless, with more than 70 to choose from. Plus, the affordable price point doesn’t get much better.

Pocket Square with Playful Cocktail Pattern

One of the best parts about your wedding is the post-ceremony beverages, right? The whimsical cocktail glass motif and linen fabric make this wedding pocket square a fun choice for summer events. Surprise your wedding party with matching ones as thank-you gifts to maximize the fun.

Classic Floral Pocket Square

The wide range of wedding pocket square options out there can feel overwhelming. If you’re stressing, allow this floral-patterned one to be your go-to. Made of luscious silk, it comes in four colors options—making it easy to coordinate with your wedding tie.

White Paisley Pocket Square

The monochromatic ivory paisley pattern embroidered onto this white pocket square was made for a formalwear wedding. Made of 100% white silk, it comes from a five-star Etsy seller with a price that won’t break the bank.

Edgy Floral Pocket Square

If you’re looking to incorporate some edge to your look, we recommend this design. A bold take on the classic floral pattern, the belt and chain pattern adds intrigue. Even if you go with a simple, traditional tuxedo, your wedding day look will take the cake for most unique.

Marauder’s Map Pocket Square

No Harry Potter-themed wedding would be complete without this pocket square. You don’t have to solemnly swear you’re up to no good to see the Marauder’s Map design, which features scenes of Hogwarts castle, the Whomping Willow, and vanishing footprints. Fold the pocket square to showcase your favorite one.

Silk Seashell Print Pocket Square

We picture this pocket square tucked into a blazer pocket at a low-key beach wedding. Made with 100% Italian silk, it achieves the perfect mix of playful and elegant for a nautical theme. 

Tie-Dye Pocket Square

Feeling retro? If you’re into bohemian ‘70s-inspired style, Paul Smith designed this wedding pocket square just for you. The tie-dye pattern comes in green or red, so you can pick the best match for your tuxedo or suit. We recommend going fully on-theme with disco ball and jukebox decor at your reception.

Monogrammed Pocket Square

For the groom who wants a personalized touch on their big day, designing a custom pocket square is the perfect solution. Choose your pocket square fabric color, embroidery font, and thread color (there are more than 20!). They would also make thoughtful gifts for your groomsmen or women.

Pink Pocket Square

When it comes to your wedding attire, you want to be able to show off your personality. This polka-dot pocket square is fun and flirty with a romantic pink color that’s fitting for your special day. 

Vintage Floral Print Pocket Square

It doesn’t get classier than this. The floral tile print on this wedding pocket square gives off luxurious fall wedding vibes with a color palette of navy blue, dark green, burgundy, and orange. Pair it with a velvet suit jacket and bow tie for a modern take on vintage style.

Brush Stroke Pocket Square

This cotton pocket square would make a statement at any wedding, but we imagine it fitting in especially well at a boho-themed event. The black, white, green, and neutral brushstrokes against the terracotta would make it a great match for a necktie or bow tie of any corresponding color.

Designer Logo Pocket Square

If you’re down to splurge on your accessories, consider going for a Hermes piece. The repeating ‘H’ print and hand-rolled edges create such a sleek look. With its high-quality design, you’ll be able to show off this pocket square long after you say “I do.”

Neutral Medallion Print Pocket Square

For subtle accessorizing, try this camel medallion-patterned pocket square. The wool and silk fabric is finished with a cream border that gives off a beautifully sophisticated feel. Plus, its neutral colors make it easy to pull off with any type of wedding attire.

Pocket Square with Contrasting Border

In terms of classic style, we consider Ralph Lauren an expert. With its clean design and black trim, this linen pocket square is eye-catching yet timeless. 

Plaid Pocket Square

This plaid pocket square would look so chic at a rustic-themed wedding (or any wedding at all). The neutral colors with a subtle pop of yellow make it a statement piece that’s still refined.


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