How much should your spend on your wedding hairstyle?


Yes, your dress is important, but making sure you have the right hairstyle is just as critical. See more bridal veil pictures.“Yes, your dress is important, but making sure you have the right hairstyle is just as critical. See more bridal veil pictures.B2M Productions/Photodisc/Getty Images

Your wedding day ensemble isn’t complete without the finishing touch — tresses that look so good they shine and bounce like you’re in a hair commercial. However, the perfect ‘do doesn’t come without a price — and most brides don’t want to walk down the aisle with a hairstyle that breaks the bank.

So how much money should you expect to shell out for a wedding hairstyle? First, don’t be afraid to shop around for a salon price that’ll fit your budget. Call or visit more than one salon, and ask if their stylists specialize in formal hairstyles. When you find a stylist, consider asking for a list of recommendations before you book an appointment. Your wedding is an important affair, and the process for hiring someone to prepare your hair is the same as hiring any other wedding professional.

While a wedding hair appointment rarely includes a shampoo, cut or other special treatments, a salon will charge according to the complexity of a requested hairstyle and how much time it’ll take a stylist to complete the look from start to finish. Be sure to communicate how long or short you’d like your locks to be by your wedding day, and bring plenty of photos you want the stylist to use for inspiration. Some salons will be willing to work with you and your budget, and if your style is simple or your hair is short, they might be willing to offer you a discount. These factors aside, the cost of a wedding hairstyle greatly depends on the salon’s location. For example, a New York City hair salon will likely charge more for services than a salon located in a small town. Depending on the length of your hair and the complexity of the requested style, costs vary from as little as $100 to $200 and up.

Also be sure to schedule a trial appointment with your stylist a month or two before the big day. Be sure to bring all hair accessories that you’ll be wearing during the wedding so the final look will be as accurate as possible. Also, don’t skip your hair trial to save money; this practice session is extremely important. You may think you love a certain look until you gaze into a mirror and see that it doesn’t really flatter your face shape or work well with your veil — causing you to choose a new hairstyle altogether.

Be sure to take mental notes during the trial to get the best value for your wedding day ‘do. The time that elapses during the trial will likely be how much time it takes to style your hair on the big day, so plan accordingly — you don’t want to be late to the ceremony! After the trial is over, take notes about how well your hair holds up in the hours after it’s styled. Do curls stay tight? Does straight hair frizz in the heat? Communicate any adjustments that are needed to your stylist before the wedding. Once the big day arrives and you’re applying a final spritz of hairspray, adjust your veil and marvel at your final ‘do — hopefully it will be worth every penny!

Should you spring for your bridesmaids’ tresses?

Etiquette says a bride is not required to pay for bridesmaids’ hairstyling. However, if a bride insists her maids hire a professional to style their wedding day ‘dos, it would be nice of her to offer to pay for this service.

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