How long should you grill a flank steak?


The use of an open fire to cook is universal and has been around probably since man first met flame. This style of cooking remains popular due to the mouthwatering aromas and smoky flavors that it produces.

Flank steak is quite a savory cut of beef when cooked correctly. However, there’s always the risk that this lean cut of beef will turn out stringy and tough. There are several things you can do to ensure that the flank steak you grill will leave people asking for more. For example, it’s a good idea to marinate the beef. Furthermore, there’s no real reason to cook a flank steak beyond medium done. Another tip is to cut the beef across its grain in order to create thin slices to serve.

In general, the first step in grilling flank steak is to prepare your grill; make sure the flame/heat is not too high. Next, you’ll want to sprinkle a dash of salt and a hint of pepper on each side of the beef that you’re cooking. The next step is to put the flank steak on the grill. It’s recommended that you then grill the steak for approximately 10 minutes over coals that are medium-hot. While a grilling time of 10 minutes will give you a medium-rare steak, you may allow it to grill for a bit longer until the beef reaches the desired doneness. However long you decide to grill your flank steak, remember to turn it over as soon as the grilling time is halfway done. The final step in preparing a flank steak is to move it from the grill’s grid to your cutting board. When you slice the grilled steak across the grain, remember to hold the knife at an angle that’s 45 degrees to the carving board.


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