Hair Extensions to Elevate Your Bridal Look


Are those tendrils real or extensions? No one will ever know the difference.“Are those tendrils real or extensions? No one will ever know the difference.iStockphoto/Thinkstock

As your wedding day approaches, you may wish your hair were just a bit longer or thicker. Or, you may like your hair just fine, but you want a little extra height or finesse for your special day. If so, look to hair extensions to complement your coif.

There are two basic categories of hair extensions: permanent and temporary. Permanent hair extensions are typically placed in your hair by a salon professional. The process may involve gluing, braiding or weaving human or synthetic hair pieces into your hair. Permanent hair extensions, which are usually applied to add length or increase volume, can last as long as weeks or months and they usually require maintenance by a professional. If you want long hair for your wedding, or your hair needs a bit more length to achieve an up ‘do, permanent hair extensions are a good option.

Among temporary hair extension products are half and three-fourths wigs that you place over the back of your hair and that blend with and complement the front of your hair. As with any wig, temporary extensions have the power to change your style, add length and increase volume. Partial wigs can also dramatically lift your hair for your big day — meaning you won’t need to backcomb your own hair to achieve great heights. Partial wigs come with a comb in the front, which you’ll use to secure the wig to your own hair. Simply add hair pins in Xs on the sides to secure the piece even more.

Another type of temporary hair extension is the clip-on. This is usually a small section of hair, an inch or two wide (2.5 to 5 centimeters) and as long as you wish, that you install yourself to the underlayers of your hair.

Finally, if you’re looking for the perfect up ‘do without the hours it takes to achieve it, look for a hairpiece. Hairpieces come in buns and clip-on curls, for example, and the length of your normal hair, if it isn’t pixie short, will work just fine. Hair pieces give you that romantic look without the fuss.

If you want to enhance your hair for your wedding day, you may find that hair extensions are the perfect "something new."

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