17 Fun & Creative Beading Crafts for Kids Of All Ages


17 Beading Crafts for Kids | Beading is a great way to improve fine motor skills in kids, and can also improve dexterity and strengthen hand muscles. Also? It's fun! You'll be amazed at what you can make with a pipe cleaner and a seat of perler beads, and there are tons of DIY beaded jewelry crafts you can do with kids of all ages. If you have wooden, plastic, or glass beads on hand, this collection of bead crafts and jewelry making ideas will not disappoint!

With the cold weather quickly approaching, parents and teachers everywhere are on the hunt for indoor activities to keep the little ones in their life busy, which is why I’ve put together this list of beading crafts for kids! Beading is one of my favorite crafts to enjoy with my daughter as it allows us to get creative while spending quality time together, and we inevitably end up with beautiful keepsakes we can gift to family and friends. These art projects don’t require a lot of planning and preparation, and can be enjoyed as a group or as an independent activity.

Check out our favorite beading crafts for kids below!

7 Benefits of Beading Crafts for Kids

While you may think beading crafts for kids do nothing more than promote creativity while beating boredom, you may be surprised at just how many benefits beading activities offer.

    1. Improves fine motor skills and manual dexterity
    2. Improves hand-eye coordination
    3. Develops cognitive skills (planning a pattern, counting out beads, etc.)
    4. Strengthens muscles in the hands and fingers
    5. Improves bilateral coordination (using both hands at the same time)
    6. Provides opportunities to socialize and communicate with others (when done as a group)
    7. Helps reduce stress and anxiety

Also? beading crafts for kids are just plain FUN!

17 Beading Craft Essentials to Invest In

While many of us associate ‘beading’ with jewelry making, there are tons of beading crafts for kids that have nothing to do with necklaces and bracelets. If you’re just getting started with beading, here are some essentials to invest in!

Perler Beads
Plastic Pony Beads
Glass Seed Beads
Pipe Cleaners
Clear Craft String
Memory Wire

17 Beading Crafts for Kids

From seasonal ornaments and decorative bowls, to keychains and sun catchers, these beading crafts for kids are fun and oh-so-beautiful!

Beaded Snowflakes | Early Learning Ideas
Pipe Cleaner Icicle Ornaments | Happy Hooligans
Pipe Cleaner and Bead Snack Craft | Artsy Crafts Mom
Beaded Rainbows | Happy Hooligans
Melted Perler Bead Bowl | An Inspired Mess
Perler Bead Bracelets | DIY Candy
DIY Beaded Wind Chime | Garden Therapy
Pony Bead Pumpkins | Cutesy Crafts
Personalized Beaded Keychains | KARA Creates
Melted Bead Ornaments | Sugar Bee Crafts
Beaded Pipe Cleaner Indian Corn | Made To Be A Mama
DIY Beaded Spiders | Crazy DIY Mom
Melted Bead Suncatchers | Artful Parent
DIY Wooden Bead Dolls | Color the Moon
Beaded Sunglasses | Kids Kubby
Memory Wire Beaded Bracelets | My Bright Ideas
Beaded Wish Bracelets | Happy Hour Projects

Whether you’re crafting at home with your little ones, or looking for indoor recess ideas for your students, I hope you enjoy these beading crafts for kids!


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