How long should you grill chicken breast?


One of the great things about chicken is how little preparation it requires before it’s ready to be cooked. If you’re in the mood for something a bit healthier, grilling up a skinless, boneless chicken breast is the way to go. One thing to keep in mind is that skinless, boneless chicken breasts can overcook within seconds. You can prevent this from happening by checking doneness frequently during the grilling process.

As with any food you intend to cook over an open flame, the first step is to prepare your grill. In the case of skinless, boneless chicken breasts, this means using only one layer of coals or a very low fire on a gas grill. Another thing you’ll want to do is oil up your grid once it has become hot, which will keep the chicken from sticking. The next step is to put the skinless, boneless chicken breast on the preheated grill.

Once you’ve placed the chicken on the grid, you’ll want to brush the exposed side of the chicken breast with oil. Having done this, allow the chicken breast to grill for between six and eight minutes. You’ll know that the chicken has been properly cooked when there’s no pink in its center (but it’s not dried out either). It’s recommended that you turn the chicken approximately midway through the grilling time.

Besides skinless, boneless chicken breasts, other popular poultry favorites are chicken quarters and skewered chunks. Some people even cook up an entire turkey on their backyard grill. Chicken quarters can be a bit challenging since it takes more time for dark meat to cook through than light meat. Since a flare-up can occur, be ready to quickly remove the chicken from the grill so that it doesn’t get charred.


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