How to Make Mom Friends: 10 Tips and Ideas for Women


How to Make Mom Friends | Figuring out how to make friends as an adult is hard enough, but when you throw babies and/or kids into the mix, it can be extra challenging. Whether you're new to motherhood, or in a new city and feeling lonely, we're sharing 10 tips to help you meet other moms both in your area, at work, and even online so you can connect and feel supported by like-minded mothers. Perfect for shy introverts and outgoing extroverts, these ideas will help you find your new BFF!

It’s one thing to try and make friends as a kid. It’s entirely another to try making friends as an adult.

A lot of moms feel isolated and lonely after having kids. Knowing how to find and make mom friends can seem like too big of an effort, especially if you’re an introvert.

However, mom friends can be a gift for your mental health. Believe me, all that effort is really worth it.

And it doesn’t have to be an entire tribe of mom friends. Having just one other mom to call your friend can be a lifesaver.

Moms who have kids around the same age as yours or moms who have the same number of kids as you do is a great starting point. It will help you both have some common ground.

These 10 tips and ideas will help you take the next step and make mom friends in no time!

How to Make Mom Friends

  1. Groups or classes – Whether it’s a yoga class, a pottery class, or a mom’s-only exercise group, there is plenty to choose from when it comes to classes. They make a great setting to socialize and connect with potential mom friends. You can also meet other moms at classes for your kids. While you’re watching your little one try a pirouette or kick a soccer ball, you can share the joy with a mom sitting close by.
  2. Connect on social media – You don’t have to get out of the house to find mom friends. There are hundreds of Facebook groups that allow you to connect with moms locally, nationally, and even internationally. Share tips and ideas, laugh together, and learn new things, all while making new mom friends.
  3. Think about your kid’s friends – If your kids are in school, daycare, or outside activities, they most likely have a solid group of friends. Take that as your cue to connect with those kids’ moms. Start up a conversation at school drop-off or schedule a playdate where your kids can play and the adults can have time together as well.
  4. Meet your neighbors – Say “hello” to other moms on your street. Living close to one another makes it easy to connect and allows for more spontaneous get-togethers. If you’re feeling too shy, get your kids involved. Play outside with them, help them set up a lemonade stand, or take a walk around the block.
  5. Explore your neighborhood – Now that you’ve connected with your neighbors, get outside and explore the rest of your neighborhood or those close by. You’d be surprised how many other moms are out walking like you. Plop your little one in the stroller and hit the streets! If your neighborhood isn’t walking friendly, look for a park or playground close by that you can walk around.
  6. RSVP “yes” – Don’t toss that invite or delete that email. Take advantage of events that are happening, both big and small. Whether it’s a block party or a city-wide garage sale, a dinner party, or a tupperware party, events are a great way to find someone who could be a potential mom friend.
  7. Schedule a mom’s night out – Take a leap and invite the other moms from your kid’s class or your exercise group to a mom’s night out. It can be something quiet and low-key like margaritas and a movie. No matter what you decide, you’ve created the opportunity to make a lasting connection.
  8. Look to your local library – Grab your kiddos and head to the local library to take part in a story or craft time. It’s the perfect opportunity to start up a conversation with another mom. Many libraries also offer adult classes as well, which is another chance to find a mom friend.
  9. Volunteer to carpool – Offering to join or even starting up a new carpool is a chance to get to know other moms better. Build relationships with moms you see at school and other moms you may never have had the chance to meet.
  10. Connect with the moms you know – You may not realize it, but you probably already have connections with other moms. It could be a coworker, a friend from college, or even your sister. Having that familiarity helps you to more easily create a new side of an already existing relationship.

Remember, start with what works best for you. Then, when you’re comfortable, try something that is a little more out of your comfort zone.

The bottom line is look for people you can relate to. That will help you form the strongest connections. They should be someone you can truly be yourself with – a place where you don’t feel judged.

And don’t forget to be on the lookout for other moms you can include. Let them feel welcome and allow them to take their time connecting with you.

Now that you know how, get out there and make some mom friends!


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