DIY: Make Your Own Tinted Moisturizer


Making your own tinted moisturizer is easy and you can customize it to your skin color.“Making your own tinted moisturizer is easy and you can customize it to your skin color.©

Tinted moisturizer serves as the perfect compromise between going bare-faced and wearing a full face of your regular foundation. This makeup must-have gives your face just the slightest hint of color while helping to brighten up and even out your skin. Of course, tinted moisturizer won’t give you the flawless finish of a foundation; instead you’ll experience a more subtle effect, with skin that looks sheer and dewy instead of covered up.

While you’ll spot dozens of tinted moisturizers during a simple stroll down the makeup aisle, many frugal fashionistas choose to make their own moisturizer tint using products they already have on hand. Instead of shelling out money for new products, try blending moisturizers and foundation that you already own to change up your look while you save money. It’s a great way to use up those bottles of foundation you’ve bought in the past that are just a little too opaque, or not quite the right color. This type of DIY makeup trick can also help you extend the life of a fabulous foundation that’s been discontinued, or that’s simply too expensive to buy on a regular basis.

Not only does a DIY moisturizer tint help you save money, but it also allows you to create a truly customized product that’s just right for your skin. Love your foundation, but hate its low SPF? Blend it with a high-SPF moisturizer to fend off sun damage. Want the minimal amount of coverage with tons of moisture? Use more moisturizer and just a dash of foundation for hydration with a hint of color.

Unlike foundation, which comes in a virtually infinite number of shades to match any skin tone, tinted moisturizers typically come in limited number of shades, forcing many buyers to choose a color that’s not quite right. Crafting your own moisturizer tint using your favorite foundation and facial moisturizer allows you to whip up a product with the exact color and texture you desire, instead of making do with store-bought shades. Even more important, this process allows you to adjust the ratio of foundation to moisturizer to create your ideal level of coverage.

Ready to get mixing? Start with your favorite liquid or mineral powder foundation and a bottle of facial moisturizer, Place a few drops of moisturizer in your hand — enough to cover your face — then add an equal amount of foundation. Blend the two products together; then apply to your face using your hand or a makeup sponge. If you prefer slightly more coverage, use more foundation in the mix; for a more natural look, reduce the amount of foundation and up the level of moisturizer. Can’t quite create a color that matches your skin tone? Try mixing a few drops from two different bottles of foundation to your moisturizer until you find just the right shade. It’s that simple!

Once you’ve discovered the perfect blend to meet your needs, pick up small plastic travel bottles to mix a larger amount of moisturizer tint for easy everyday use. And don’t forget to add a few drops of sunscreen to protect your face from sun damage.

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