20+ Sustainability Influencers Leading the Way in Travel


Sustainability influencers are teaching us all how to be better travelers and better caretakers of the Earth.

From Instagram to blogs to videos, these women travel creators are leading the way in sustainability conversations.

As we take this pause in travel and reevaluate our habits, many of these women are offering advice and insight into conservation issues.

We can make small changes at home right now. And then we can carry that momentum forward whenever we start traveling again.

If you’re ready to be inspired, go follow these sustainability influencers and leaders!

Sustainability Influencers Talking About Travel

There are countless influencers in sustainability and conservation fields. Many focus on sustainable living at home, which is very helpful as we all stay home for now!

The influencers we’re highlighting here are all women content creators who talk about sustainable travel specifically.

It might not be the only thing they talk about, but we can all learn from the various angles these women take in talking about sustainability.

There are so many steps we can individually and collectively take to take better care of this Earth.

Let’s learn together and use this time at home to shift our habits. Let’s be ready to be more responsible travelers in the future.

Wanderful Members Talking Sustainability in Travel

1. Speck on the Globe

Abbie Synan is a regular contributor to Wanderful and an active member in the community. She discusses sustainable and responsible travel as a full-time traveler and blogger.

2. Getaway Girl

Kendal Karstens covers zero waste travel and offers tons of advice for product swaps and budget options.

3. A Traveling Life

Brianne Miers is a Boston-based travel content creator with a full-time job and a part-time travel obsession. She focuses on highlighting local, unique, and sustainable destinations around the world.

4. And World Peas

Erin is a sustainable travel enthusiast who focuses her efforts and education on food! She aims to inspire us all to tread lightly through our meal choices.

5. Sunshine & Raine

Jazzmine Raine is a social entrepreneur with a passion for sustainable travel, ethical fashion, zero waste living and social good. She is a storyteller, a podcaster, and a community activist who’s sure to inspire you!

6. The Wanderful Me

Sophie Anderson is a vegan travel and sustainable living blogger. She shares her passion for inspiring others to live in a more compassionate and conscious way.

7. Oregon Girl Around the World

Erin is living as an expat in Copenhagen and loves sharing sustainability and green living tips on her blog and social channels.

8. Terradrift

Alisha at Terradrift talks all about sustainable travel, with a focus on vegan lifestyle and outdoor adventures. She has great insights on outdoor gear to get you started with your own ventures!

Women Travel Influencers in Sustainability

9. Alex in Wanderland

Alexandra Baackes of Alex in Wanderland is a former WITS speaker and a sustainable travel influencer. She uses her platform to share eco-friendly travel swaps and tips, with special emphasis on ocean conservation efforts.

10. Lola Mendez

Lola Mendez is a full-time traveler and travel journalist, and a contributor to Wanderful. She advocates for eco-friendly and responsible travel, offering a wealth of stories and resources on her blog.

11. Authenteco Travel

Shelby of Authenteco Travel offers customized eco-friendly travel guides and itineraries so you can travel responsibly without the endless research.

12. Brainy Backpackers

Linn of Brainy Backpackers talks about overall sustainable travel, not just eco-friendliness. She encourages responsible travel and ethical decision-making.

13. Travel for Difference

Sustainability influencer Kate of Travel for Difference is a passionate advocate for sustainable travel and environmental activism. Get inspired and learn to choose the best products, companies, and destinations!

14. Travel Rebel

Charlotte of Travel Rebel talks all things sustainable travel and overtourism. She encourages us to change the way we travel to be more respectful and mindful of our impact.

15. Rooted

JoAnna Haugen of Rooted is a storyteller and advocate for sustainable travel, environmental conservation, and community-based efforts.

16. Sustainably Aimee

Sustainably Aimee offers sustainable lifestyle and travel tips, with tons of advice for products and swaps you can make at home.

17. Water Thru Skin

Valeria of Water Thru Skin talks eco travel, ethical fashion, vegan food, and so much more!

18. The Mindful Mermaid

Alex of The Mindful Mermaid is a sustainability influencer and responsible travel advocate. She’s all about living a conscious lifestyle and frequently starts interesting conversations with her audience.

19. Green Travel Suitcase

Misty of Green Suitcase Travel is a sustainable travel content creator who can help you plan your own responsible travel adventure.

20. The Altruistic Traveler

Bianca of The Altruistic Traveler talks about responsible tourism, sustainability, ethical animal encounters, and so much more. She’s a fantastic resource for anyone wanting to learn more about being a better traveler.

21. Origin Travels

Britt of Origin Travels highlights “Good Travel” and focuses on ethical experiences around the world with her group trips. She particularly loves supporting other women-owned businesses.

Bonus: Travel Companies Influencing on Sustainability

Wanderful partners with so many fantastic organizations and companies around the world. We’re proud to work with others in the travel space who push the industry forward.

Our membership community benefits from deals and discounts from many of these companies. And brand partnerships and introductions are easily made between our creators and partners!

Here are some of our partners that are sustainability influencers in their own right…

22. Local Universe

Sustainably made gifts — and Wanderful members get a discount! Members, check the “Deals and Discounts” section in the app.

23. Virtue + Vice

Sustainable fashion and tours — and Wanderful members get a discount!

24. Impact Travel Alliance

Impact Travel Alliance aims to support local communities and protect our earth — all while exploring our world with epic, immersive experiences. ITA is a frequent partner with Wanderful and WITS.

25. Sustainable Travel Store

Lauren Zoe Smith, Founder of Sustainable Travel Store, is passionate about the impact we make when we travel. She led an outstanding Earth Day chat with Wanderful members to discuss all things travel and sustainability. Wanderful members get a discount here, too!

Photo by Mert Guller on Unsplash

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20+ sustainability influencers leading the way in the travel industry. These women are fighting for sustainable travel and responsible travel practices, so show them some love and support!


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