How to Create a Weekend Routine (and Why You Need One)


How to Create a Weekend Routine | The key to a productive week is to schedule your weekends such that you are finding a good balance between planning and preparing for the days ahead while also allowing yourself time to rest and recharge. If you're looking for ideas to help you create the perfect Saturday and Sunday routine that allows you to tackle household chores while still indulging in some much needed self-care, this post is for you!Having a weekend routine not only ensures you make the most out of your weekends, it also leads to a better, more successful week. The best weekends combine tasks and me-time so you feel well rested yet in control of your life. Weekends are a great time to catch up on things like laundry and cleaning that make you feel more prepared for the week ahead, while also doing things that bring you joy and help you relax. Check out our tips on how to create a weekend routine and why it’s important to do so.

7 Benefits of Creating a Weekend Routine

1. Ensures all necessary tasks get done
2. Frees up time for fun activities and weekend projects you have planned
3. Creates healthy habits and combats burn out
4. Helps you feel more organized for the week ahead
5. Makes Sunday evenings more relaxing and Monday mornings easier
6. Relieves stress and anxiety
7. Helps you focus on your goals and productivity by implementing structure

How to Create a Weekend Routine: 11 Tips and Ideas

1. Create a ‘Tasks’ List
Weekends are for relaxing and getting things done so that you’re well prepared for the week ahead. Sit down on Friday and create a list of tasks that need to be done this weekend. Your ‘tasks’ list will likely stay the same from week to week, and include household tasks like laundry, grocery shopping, vacuuming and cleaning. Add anything that will help you feel organized and ready for the coming week.

2. Go Over Your Calendar
Weekends are often filled with plans like kids’ birthday parties, sports, family events and meeting up with friends. Make sure to get these into the calendar as soon as you know about them so you can plan around them. At the start of each weekend, sit down and review what you have on the go.

3. Make a ‘Want-To’ List
While tasks and scheduled plans are a given, you should also be able to enjoy your free time on the weekends. Note down any ‘want-to’ items such as having a family movie night, going to an exercise class, taking a walk in nature, having a date night, doing a girls’ brunch, etc. You may want to take a Sunday to do absolutely nothing and recharge for the week and that’s okay too.

4. Don’t Over-Schedule Your Weekend
The best weekends allow you to relax after a busy week and get you prepared for a successful week ahead. They should be a combination of things you need to do, as well as want to do to help you refresh and recharge. Over-scheduling your weekend can lead to burn out so made sure to have a balance of activities and rest.

5. Set a Regular Wake Up Time
While it might sound heavenly to sleep in on the weekends, it’s better to wake up at the same time everyday. Having a regular wake up time gets your body into a routine. It allows you to get to sleep easier, sleep better and wake up feeling more rested and energized. Sleeping in on weekends can actually make you more tired and feel more groggy, especially the first couple days of the week.

6. Implement Screen-Free Time
Our lives are inundated with screens. From smartphones to laptops, iPads and TVs, many of us stare at screens all day. Meals should always be device-free, but consider putting devices away at a certain time of the night (say 6 pm or 7 pm) or having entire screen-free days. This creates more space for chats, long walks, games and enjoying each other’s company.

7. Meal Prep for the Week Ahead
One main thing you can do on the weekend to prep for the week ahead is meal planning and prepping. Meal prepping saves you time (and stress) during your busy weeks, ensures your family eats healthy meals and saves you money that you may otherwise spend on groceries and take out. When you’re organized, you’re buying what you need instead of playing it by ear on a daily basis.

8. Get Out and Enjoy Nature
Taking time to enjoy the outdoors is beneficial for so many reasons. It reduces blood pressure, makes you less stressed and boosts your mood. It can be tough to get out into nature during busy weekdays, so carve out time on the weekend to spend time outside. Whether you take a hike, read a book at a local park, or take your dog for a long walk, being in nature is sure to rejuvenate you.

9. Declutter and Clean
Having a clean, de-cluttered space can make all the difference to your work week. With so many people working at home these days, your home has become your workplace and clutter can make it impossible to concentrate and get things done. Knowing you’ve cleaned your home on the weekend allows you to clear your head and get to work when the time comes.

10. Make Homemade Family Meals
Cooking with the family is a great way to bond and spend quality time together. Whether you make personalized pizzas, have a taco night or make homemade pasta, spending time in the kitchen is an excellent weekend activity. It’s a great way to unplug and get everyone away from their devices, plus if you have young kids, it teaches them excellent life skills.

11. Plan Your Week on Sunday Night
A nice Sunday night routine is sitting down with a nice cup of tea, your favourite candle and planning your week ahead. It reminds you what you have going on, gets you prepared and will make your Monday morning more relaxed and productive. You won’t feel frazzled when you wake up wondering what you have going on and you can go to bed with a clear mind.

Having a weekend routine allows you to enjoy much needed downtime, spend time with loved ones and create structure so you can stay accountable to your goals and be as productive as possible during the week. Use our tips and ideas for creating a productive and relaxing weekend routine.


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