Let’s Celebrate! 10 Coed Baby Shower Games That Don’t Suck


10 Coed Baby Shower Games that Don't Suck | If you're hosting a coed baby shower and need some tips and ideas to make it fun for the girls and the boys, this post is for you! We're sharing tips to help you plan a coed baby shower, with tons of theme ideas to inspire you. We've also curated the best games and activities ranging from funny and hilarious, to simple and meaningful, to indoor and outdoor (hello relay races!) and so much more. Who says a baby shower can't be fun for men?!

Coed baby showers are quickly becoming the norm. It makes sense for both parents and their friends to celebrate, and why not do it at one big bash? There are certain things that will help make shower planning a breeze, from choosing a theme to picking your food to deciding on your games for the day. We found 10 coed baby shower games that don’t suck so you can be sure your party is one that all your guests will love!

3 Tips for Hosting a Coed Baby Shower

1. Choose a Theme
Choose a theme that’s fun, neutral and easy to plan. Your decorations and food will fall into the theme, and the games can too! For example, if you’re having a woodland themed baby shower, you can make tree slice pinwheel sandwiches and woodland creature cookies. Consider your guest list when thinking of themes and be sure to incorporate it throughout the entire shower.

2. Pick Your Food
You can get super creative with your baby shower food, especially if you have a theme! Think: make-your-own taco bar, burgers, fruit and veggie trays, charcuterie and cheese platters, and of course some desserts. If you’re having a summer baby shower, incorporating a grill is always a good idea.

3. Decide on Games
Baby showers are traditionally for females, but times are changing and it may suit you and your partner to do a combined shower. When choosing games, make sure they’re games everyone will enjoy, no matter their gender. We came up with a list of games below that all your guests are sure to love!

10 Coed Baby Shower Theme Ideas

1. Woodland Baby Shower
2. Tacos and Tequila
3. Burgers, Beer and Babies
4. Nautical Baby Shower
5. Seafood Boil
6. Rustic Backyard BBQ
7. Happy Hour Baby Shower
8. Aloha, Baby Shower
9. Baby Shower Brunch
10. Vintage County Fair

10 Coed Baby Shower Games

1. Baby Gift Bingo
Since opening baby shower gifts can be a bit dry for the guests, amp up the excitement with baby gift bingo. Before the parents-to-be start opening the presents, hand out blank bingo cards and have each guest fill in the squares with the items they think the new parents will receive. The first guest to get BINGO gets a prize!

2. Guess Who
In the invite to your baby shower, request that each guest email you a photo of them as a baby (they can also bring a hard copy if they choose). Arrange the photos on a poster board and give each photo a number. When the party is going on, hand out paper to the guests to write down which baby photo matches which guest. Whoever gets the most right wins!

3. Baby Pictionary
We all know the game Pictionary, and now it’s time to give it a baby-themed twist. Before the shower write down words or phrases related to babies, such as diaper bags, breast pump, crib, play dates and pacifier. The more creative you get, the more fun (and funny) it will be! Divide guests into teams and the first to 10 wins!

4. My Water Broke
This is not your typical drinking game. You’ll need plastic babies and an ice cube tray for this game! The day before your party, drop the plastic babies into the ice tray and fill it with water to create ice cubes. When the party begins, plop an ice cube into each guests’ drink. Whoever’s ice melts first and releases the baby has to shout “my water broke” and wins a prize!

5. Cads About Maternity
A play on Cards Against Humanity, the Cads About Maternity card game is just as fun and offensively witty. It’s a classic matching game where one player reads a card out loud and the other players submit an answer card. The raunchier the better. And warning, it can get quite inappropriate, so mind your guest list!

6. Heads Up! Baby Edition
Heads Up! is a classic party game and the app has an in-game baby shower game upgrade. One player holds their phone, screen out, on their forehead and words will appear on the screen, such as “pacifier” and “baby bump”. The other guests need to convey what word is shown without saying any of the words on the screen.

7. Baby Song List
Split your guests up into teams of four or five. Each team will work together to come up with as many songs that have the word baby in the lyrics or titles as they can. Each team presents their song list to the group and the team with the most songs wins! If there’s a tie, each team must perform a snippet of their song to the group and everyone else chooses who wins.

8. Guess That Song
Another baby song idea is for the hosts to come up with a bunch of songs with the word baby in the lyrics. Gather your guests and give them a piece of paper and pen. Play a snippet of each song without giving the title away. Each guest has to write down the song title and artist. Each is half a point. Whoever ends up with the most points wins!

9. Don’t Say Baby
This game relies on all the guests to keep each other in check! On arrival, hand each guests a diaper pin or clothespin to wear on their shirt. Tell all the guests they’re not allowed to say the word “baby” until the gifts are open. If anyone hears another guest say “baby”, they can steal their pin. The person with the most pins left when you open your gifts wins!

10. Who Said It?
Before the shower, ask the parents-to-be to share five to 10 pieces of funny or heartwarming advice about their own childhood. Write these on speech bubbles and tack them up around the party space. Have guests guess which parent said which quote, and whoever gets the most right wins.

Ready to plan a coed baby shower your guests won’t soon forget? Try these themes and games for an epic celebration.


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