Getting to Know Philadelphia Through Our Local Wanderful Chapter


Wanderful continues to grow all throughout the world and we’re excited for you to get to know more cities through our local chapters! First up? Philadelphia, Pennsylvania!

We sat down with Chapter Director, Natalie Jesionka, to get to know a bit more about what makes her city such a hot spot for travelers and what she loves best about her hometown!

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Tell us a bit about yourself and why you love to travel.

I’m Natalie! an educator, media professional, and social good expert and I’ve travelled around the world for the last fifteen years. I write and teach about how we can do “good” more effectively, and how to talk about failure in the field. Traveling for me is a way to grapple with the complexity of the world and reflect on the bridges we can build when we just take the time to meet each other and share a meal or have a conversation.

How did you first get connected to the Wanderful community?

I have been affiliated with Wanderful since it started! It is a fantastic network for women travelers and it was one of my first opportunities to discuss the unique experiences women face on the road.

Why are you excited to bring Wanderful to your city?

Philadelphia has so many women travelers! There is a real need for them to connect and collaborate. And with more visitors to Philadelphia than ever before, it will be awesome to welcome other members of the Wanderful network to the city!

Why did you decide to start a Wanderful chapter in your city?

There are so many travelers here, and outstanding experiences and neighborhoods to discover in Philadelphia. Our options to experience the world in our city are extraordinary! I aim to build a community of people traveling around the world, and right here in our own city.

What makes your city a perfect place for travellers to visit?

Affordability. The diverse and incredible food scene. The fact that it’s a great walking city with so much history and interesting stories!

What’s something every traveler should experience in your city?

Science After Hours at the Franklin Institute.

What are the top 3 sights every traveler should see in your city?

  1. Magic Garden
  2. Museum of the American Revolution
  3. Mural Arts Tour

What are some of your favourite women-owned businesses to support in your city?

The Common Room Gallery is an art space and collective on Front Street in Fishtown. Minnow Lane is an amazing baby boutique with many travel-inspired toys. Finally, Kalaya is probably the best Thai food I’ve had on the East Coast!

There are so many incredible women-led businesses here–it’s hard to choose only a few.

If you could describe your city in 3 words, what would they be?

Love, honesty, and grit.

Finally, what can your city expect from their Wanderful local chapter?

The Philly Wanderful Chapter will be organizing monthly brunch and happy hours at our incredible restaurants across the city. I will also be organizing a tour for Wanderful members to “Meet the Makers” of Philly and visit amazing Philly based artisans, boutiques and makers across the city!

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