No Tweens Allowed! Lip Gloss Tips for Grown Women


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My first lip gloss was Maybelline’s Kissing Potion, a flavored roller ball gloss I’d apply in copious amounts while my best friend and I experimented with makeup. I preferred strawberry, but according to the Maybelline advertisement, there were enough flavors to go around for all my beaux. At 11, I didn’t have any boyfriends, but that didn’t stop me from reapplying.

It’s easy to see why lip gloss appeals to tweens; it’s a touch of color with a lot of shine, a subtle introduction to cosmetics. But though I’m way past 11, gloss still has a place in my makeup bag. Here’s why it should have a place in yours:

  • It gives you a different look. While traditional lipstick may be your choice for work, gloss provides a casual look that’s versatile, whether an informal office environment, a day out with the girls or running errands. Gloss gives you makeup without being made up.
  • Gloss balances the bold. Lip gloss complements more powerful makeup trends – dark, heavy mascara or smoky eye shadows might compete with a bold lipstick, but gloss delivers that touch of color with a full, pouty look that won’t overpower.
  • It’s Botox in a bottle. Lip gloss can make your lips look fuller and plumper, even younger. In this age of injectables and fillers, here’s an easy, fun inexpensive way to have better-looking lips!
  • It gets rid of old lady lips. My great aunt had smoker lips and her red lipstick sunk deep into those creases. Gloss doesn’t move into lines or wrinkles, nor will it stain your teeth.
  • It handles the heat. Not only can gloss provide SPF protection, it won’t melt in your purse. If you’ve had a lipstick meltdown before, especially in the summer season, grab the gloss instead.

Now that you know why to choose lip gloss, what color do you choose? Like all cosmetics, go by your skin type and the occasion. Pinks, peaches and neutrals go great with fair skin during the day but you can jazz up at night with a deep coral. For a more medium skin tone, choose a berry or mauve for work, but turn it up a notch with a rosy red at night. Darker lips look great in plums, reds or chocolates, but go bolder at night with a purple shade. Lip gloss can wear off quickly so to make it last, put a light coating of face powder over the gloss.

Whether you apply the gloss directly or over your favorite lipstick for added pop, save the shimmery or metallic gloss for a night out. And while Kissing Potion, in all its flavors, worked well in my pre-pubescent years, adults can skip the bubble-gum flavored pout!

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