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How Jenn Overcame Tragedy and Lost 115 Pounds


How Jenn Overcame Tragedy and Lost 115 Pounds

Like many people, Jenn Wolfe struggled with food. She turned to it in good times and bad, and she had trouble maintaining a healthy weight. These issues were magnified in 2013 when, after becoming pregnant, she lost her baby and fell into postpartum depression.

“Between losing my baby and then getting pregnant again, I ate my feelings for over a year,” says Wolfe, now 34. During that year, she gained nearly 100 pounds, reaching 270 pounds by the time she delivered her son. Three years later, she was still 270 pounds and unable to keep up with her son like she wanted to. “Everything was affected by me being as big as I was — my physical, mental and emotional health.” In January 2017, she decided to make a change.

Wolfe started her journey on Weight Watchers but plateaued within a few months. That’s when a personal trainer and friend pointed her to MyFitnessPal, which proved to be the catalyst she needed. Four years later, she’s still going strong, using the app’s Premium version to track her food and her macros.

“I needed to get my life together because I wanted to see my son grow up, and I wanted him to see what a healthy lifestyle looks like,” says Wolfe. By simply logging her meals and tracking her daily consumption of protein, carbs and fat, she began to see results. In 2018, she added exercise to her regimen, accelerating her weight loss.

Wolfe, who works as a hairdresser in Indianapolis, has no background in health or fitness. Instead, she learned on the fly, cooking recipes and gleaning exercise tips from MyFitnessPal blog posts. She also joined community challenges she saw on the message boards, like monthly walking goals.

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The more she learned, the more confident she became in her eating choices and workouts. Now, exercise and eating well is part of Wolfe’s daily routine. Most days, she hits the gym for strength training and cardio, and she takes a walk or leisurely bike ride on recovery days. She preps all her meals on Sundays, being sure to stay within her macros. Breakfast is typically oatmeal, plus coffee with protein powder. For lunch, she eats 5–7 ounces of chicken or beef with vegetables and olive oil or avocado for some healthy fat. An afternoon snack usually consists of a protein shake and a piece of fruit, and dinner is chicken with vegetables and rice or potatoes.

Her dedication has paid off. Since joining MyFitnessPal, she’s plummeted in weight from 270 to 155 pounds. The majority of that weight came off in the first two years, she says. It’s been a slower road since then, but she has also gotten stronger, adding lean muscle to her frame. To top off those more visual benefits, Wolfe says her general health has also improved. Before losing weight, she had high blood pressure and was pre-diabetic. Now, her blood pressure is back to normal, and her resting heart rate is in the 50s. She says her mental health has improved, and she’s no longer tired because her body gets the fuel it needs.

Wolfe’s transformation and newfound interest in exercise also led to a new opportunity. She now works part-time as a Les Mills fitness instructor, teaching BODYPUMP classes and using her platform to inspire others. “I tell people that it’s not about being skinny, it’s about being healthy and the best version of yourself,” she says. Wolfe also spreads her message on social media, so that other people who are struggling can see change is possible.

“This didn’t happen overnight,” she says. “It’s been four years in the making. I still have to wake up every day to live this healthy lifestyle. It’s a conscious decision, but I promise it’s all worth it.”

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