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15-Minute Body-Weight HIIT Workout


15-Minute Body-Weight HIIT Workout

Try this quick and effective body-weight high-intensity interval training routine whenever you are short on time but want a great workout with no equipment needed. Dynamic body-weight exercises (think: pull-ups, push-ups, lunges) help develop functional strength and recruit more muscles to perform the movement compared with an exercise like a bicep curl. This is a great way to gain incredible health benefits in a short period of time.

Note: This exercise routine is challenging. Those brand-new to higher-intensity exercise should consult with their doctors before beginning this type of program.

Start by warming up with rehearsal moves that mimic your workout. Try 5–8 reps of each of the following: squats, lateral lunges, reverse lunges, torso rotations and arm circles.

Set an interval timer (I use the Tabata Pro app) for 15 seconds of work and 15 seconds of recovery. After you’re warmed up, start with one set of each of the exercises listed below, then work your way up to completing 3–4 rounds of the entire sequence. Complete each interval at your intensity, pace and best effort. High intensity does not need to be high-impact, so always listen to your body, and do the best workout for you.

Body-Weight HIIT Routine

1. Jog/Sprints or High Knees
2. Jumping Jacks
3. Speed Skaters
4. Jump Squats
5. Scissor Feet/Split Lunge
6. Quick Feet
7. Burpees


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