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A Stress-Busting Bodyweight Routine—Under 25 Minutes


A Stress-Busting Bodyweight Routine—Under 25 Minutes

Tell me this: Has the holiday stress started to get to you yet? Are you freaking out yet about all the shopping, decorating, and cooking?

Well, there’s still a little more than a month to go before the New Year, so it’s time to get all that seasonal stress under control. It’s time to replace your stressed-out holi-craze with a genuine sense of holiday cheer.

You may be wondering how I plan to help you to do that. It’s very simple…a workout that is guaranteed to make you smile.

I sat down and gathered up all of the most hilarious, oddest-looking (but still very effective) moves and put together a workout that’ll have you smiling from ear to ear and beaming with loads of holiday cheer in no time.

Seriously, this is probably the most fun you can possibly have while working out. Don’t believe me? Just watch the demo videos and try not to smile…I dare you!

Do each of the 7 moves on the list below for 45 seconds, resting for 15 seconds between moves. Once you’ve completed all 7, rest for 60 seconds and repeat the 45/15 circuit again. Do the entire circuit 3 times for a super fun, nothing but smiles, 24-minutes of butt-kicking awesomeness.

Low Bear Crawl

Step your right hand and left knee forward at the same time to crawl, then alternate sides. Be sure to keep your knees no more than 2 inches off the floor through the entire movement.

Dumbbell Zercher Squats

Place a dumbbell in the crook of each of your elbows, and hands (or fists) together at your chest. Your feet should be shoulder-width’s distance with your toes slightly pointed out. Keep your weight on the front of your ankles as you squat down as low as you can.

Butterfly Rolls

Grab the underside of your ankles, then pull your navel in toward your spine and up to initiate the backward roll onto your shoulder blades (not your neck) and back up without letting your feet touch the ground.

Crab Walk

Make sure that you push down into the ground with both your hands and feet to help keep your butt lifted off the ground. Move as quickly as you can control.

Froggie Planks

Keep your hips low at all times and use your abs to control the landing as you jump back to plank. If jumping back is too intense, you can step back one leg at a time.

Sumo Stomp Walk

Don’t shift or lift your hips too much while moving. Engage your core and try to keep your hips as level as possible as you raise and lower each knee.


Keep your legs as straight as you can during the walk out and in. Be sure you are in a full plank before you walk your legs forward to meet your hands.

By Alison Heilig for AcaciaTV


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