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8 Healthy Podcasts For Everyone


8 Healthy Podcasts For Everyone

A great playlist used to be the key to motivating you through a long run or tough workout, but today, more and more people are turning to podcasts to pass the time — and learn as well. With more than 550,000 podcasts to choose from, the question is no longer whether to listen to podcasts, but how to choose which one to listen to.

We’ve selected a few healthy-living podcasts so no matter what your goals are, you’ve got someone to help you on your journey.

Dishing Up Nutrition

Licensed nutritionists and dietitians team up to tackle some of the biggest questions in nutrition. Rotating hosts dive into everything from which foods are trending to which foods can prevent the cold and flu — and even foods to combat anxiety. Episodes last around 40 minutes, which is perfect to pair with a workout or keep you entertained during your commute.

Food Psych

If your relationship with food could use some work and you need a dose of healthy body love each week, Food Psych will be there for you. Registered dietitian and nutritionist Christy Harrison talks everything from eating disorders to diet culture to body image with a scientific and straightforward approach. She also answers listener questions weekly. Episodes run almost an hour and a half, so this one is best reserved for when you’re going long.

TEDTalks Health

If you know TED, you know you’re guaranteed high-quality production and great, interesting content from knowledgeable sources. Topics are timely and span health and medical news, trends and more. TEDTalks Health also includes videos, so when you’re able to you can also watch the presenters.

Ali on the Run

Whether you want to become a regular runner or you’re a seasoned marathoner, Ali on the Run is full of knowledge to inspire your stride. Host Ali Feller talks to everyday runners, professional athletes, entrepreneurs and industry leaders, making sure each episode is interesting and different. Episodes run from 30 minutes to 1.5 hours, and her upbeat enthusiasm is perfect to accompany you next time you head outside or step on the treadmill.

Sleep With Me

If you have trouble sleeping or just want a different way to relax, Sleep With Me may be your new bedtime companion. Host Drew Ackerman tells stories that are intentionally meant to lull you to sleep. The hour-long episodes help you fall asleep with a smile on your face and Drew’s deep, soothing voice in your head.

The Dumbbells

Comedians Eugene Cordero and Ryan Stranger use their background in improv to talk physical fitness in a whole new way. Their tone is light, but the content is informative — and they tackle different training methods, nutrition trends and even mental health and self-care. Episodes can last well over an hour and often contain informational interviews. They’re a great companion during a long strength-training session.

From The Heart: Conversations with Yoga Girl

If you love the yogi way of life, you’ll appreciate getting to know host Rachel Brathen. She’s an international yoga teacher and speaker and she talks frankly each episode about mental health, yoga, meditation and even her own struggles. Those trying to balance family and self care will especially love this one, as the hour-long episodes often touch on her search for balance between family, business and health.

Food Heaven Podcast

Nutritionists Wendy Lopez and Jessica Jones know healthy living is a lifestyle, so their podcast dives into what that actually means. They interview health experts on a range of trending health topics from CBD to eating disorders and episodes last anywhere from 15 minutes to one hour. They also offer lots of tips on healthy eating and break down myths in the health community.


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