10 Powerful Ways to Uplevel Your Life


10 Powerful Ways to Uplevel Your Life

It’s easy to get caught up in the present instead of looking to what we hope to accomplish in the future. Have you ever thought to yourself, “Maybe one day …?” Well, that day is closer than you think! All you have to do is uplevel a few aspects of your life.


Create an inspiring space

Your personal space sets the tone for your mindset. You don’t have to redo your entire homejust pick a room that you can completely focus on, and make it special. The first step is to tidy up any clutter and give it a good clean. Next up, add features that make you smile, like a piece of art or a lush plant. You want this space to invoke a good vibe. This is your castle, so make yourself feel like the king/queen it deserves.


Start the day right

The way you take on the day influences the rest of it, so even if you’re not a morning person, taking back your morning allows you to move through the motions with a healthy approach. Avoid reaching for your phone and instead enjoy a nice stretch. As you sip your coffee, ponder what you are grateful for and plan out your day. Making small changes and keeping to the routine will allow you to stay focused and motivated.


Firm up your goals

How can you work toward achieving what you want if you haven’t set your intentions yet? You can’t start the game when you don’t know precisely what you are working toward. Studies show that people who write down their goals, commit to them, and remain accountable (try telling your friends or creating a calendar with mini milestones to achieve) are far more likely to be successful.[1] Once you’ve established your goals, that’s the equivalent of pressing play.


Incentivize your journey

Allowing yourself to collect little rewards along the way is great for staying motivated. When you set goals for yourself, it’s not just about reaching the final objective. It’s also about celebrating the smaller achievements as you journey along the path. Order that extra-special glass of champagne or treat yourself to a little something as a way of thanking yourself and acknowledging each step.


Get outside every day

Leaving your home to breath in some fresh air does wonders to clear your head so you can feel ready to take on your next move. When you feel rested, energized, and healthy, you can perform at your best level. A University of Michigan study found that restorative environments like the outdoors replenished mental energy and alleviated stress.[2] Head outside for a short walk, enjoy the change in scenery, take a deep breath, and get back to it.


Play to your strengths

Is there a sport or activity that you know you are good at? Make more time for that activity, even if you have to schedule it in your calendar. Not only will doing so boost your confidence, but you might also notice areas for improvement and implement working on them. This says to the universe, “Bring it on.”


Don’t let things hold you back

If you’ve got something in your life holding you back, it might be time to let it go. That may be easier said than done, but when you are focusing on what you need to do, the focus is on you. Purging past things that don’t serve your future self will push you further along to where you need to be. Got a friend who only calls when they need something? Say goodbye to them and make space in your life for new friends who lift you up. It’s called leveling up for a reason.


Bring out the good stuff

You know those indulgences you’ve been saving for a rainy day? Well, how about today? Break out the fancy glassware you reserve for entertaining. Wear the cashmere shirt that makes you feel fab. Crack open the chardonnay that’s gathering dust. Indulge in the at-home facial you’ve been hoarding. There’s no time like the present to be in the moment you’ve been waiting for, and this behavior broadcasts to the world that you are ready to live the life you desire.


Take a chance on a new hobby

Is there an activity you’ve always wanted to try? Give it a go. Nothing says, “Let’s do this thing!” like finally stepping up to a challenge that’s been on your mind. Experts say that when you exercise your capacity to explore and learn, you challenge your brain and become more socially engaged.[3] So, go on⁠—sign up for that burlesque class, join a singing club, or take a painting course. Trying new things introduces you to a whole new world⁠—and the people in it.


Remain positive

You’re bound to have those days when nothing goes right. Don’t get down on yourself if things aren’t going exactly your way. Try to see the positive and look for the lesson in the hurdle. Research shows that people who practice optimism put more effort into achieving their goals, compared to people who tend to be pessimistic.


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