Boy or Girl?! 13 Creative and Unique Gender Reveal Ideas


13 Unique Gender Reveal Ideas | Throwing a gender reveal party? Need creative games and activities to help surprise your guests about whether you’re having a boy or a girl? These DIY ideas will inspire you! From food and decorations, to balloons and party favors, there are so many gender reveal themes you can create on a budget, and we’re sharing 13 of our favorites for a simple, classy, and memorable celebration you’ll never forget! #genderrevealparty #genderrevealideas #genderrevealgames

I’m of the belief that every cause for celebration should be fully taken advantage of. That’s why, when I was pregnant with our first baby, we decided to have a gender reveal party. We scheduled it for the evening of our sonogram—it was torturous to wait even just a few hours to find out! Since then, I have seen some really unique gender reveal ideas that people have used to share if they are having a boy or girl, so I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorites!

13 Creative and Unique Gender Reveal Ideas

1) Silly string gender reveal party. This idea from Fenton Fever is simple and fun but will require the help of a trusted loved one. Hand off a piece of paper to them with the gender written on it, and ask them to buy some cans of silly string in either pink or blue, then cover the cans so you can’t see the color. This is one of the unique gender reveal ideas that will make for excellent photos! Grab pink silly string here and blue silly string here.

2) Confetti-filled piñata. Who says pinatas are just for kids? This idea from Funny/Beautiful is one of the cutest I’ve seen. She walks you through how to DIY a pinata in her blog post, but if your pregnant self can’t be bothered (and I don’t blame you!) you can grab a gender reveal pinata right here. Make sure you remember the pink confetti or blue confetti too!

3) Box packed with balloons. Much like the balloon pop, this is a great way to surprise the new parents as well as guests. I love Jennifer Allwood’s creativity with a heart-shaped chalkboard on the front to show the due date or whatever else you want it to say!

4) Exploding baseball. This is one of the most unique gender reveal ideas I’ve ever seen! This brilliant woman painted a glass ornament to look like a baseball and filled it with colored powder. This is a really fun way to get dad involved—the expectant mom can toss a glass painted ornament or a special baseball filled with blue or pink powder his way for one more home run, so to speak. Make sure dad doesn’t miss!

5) Colored sparklers. If you’re having a small gathering for the reveal, consider this bright idea from the Magnolia Mamas. Grab some appropriately colored sparklers, then light them up to enlighten your guests and snap some fun pictures.

6) Volcano reveal. Remember that science project in 7th grade? Are you a geologist by trade, or in heart?! Add some vinegar and baking powder together with some pink or blue food coloring and let the love-a flow like Her Party Pants did for a unique gender reveal idea that will have everyone nerding out. PS you can grab a volcano-making kit right here!

7) Dart balloon pop. Pop the balloon, carnival style! This unique gender reveal idea is a twist on the classic confetti balloon pop. Simply set up a board and have the parent’s launch darts at all the balloons until one pops as Smudge Blog did!

8) Colorful-center pastries. Have a pregnancy-induced sweet tooth? Serve up a dessert bar filled with cakes, cupcakes, and cookies that will help you in your gender reveal as Sweet and Savory does. Simply bake up any of these with colored candy in the middle and watch as your guests melt when they find out boy or girl!

9) Open a gift. Much like with the balloon release, when you open a gift, you’ll find out the gender and already have a toy ready to go! I love the sweet custom gift Repeat Crafter Me made for this couple!

10) Colorful water gun. If you want to do a unique gender reveal idea your guests will be entertained watching, try this fun idea from Kate Boggs Photography. Fill a water gun with blue or pink water, blindfold the parents and have them spray each other, wearing white shirts. Fun bonus – hang the shirt up in your little one’s room later!

11) Paint can. Get paint from a hardware store, cover the label, and get ready to paint the baby’s new room (or at least a piece of artwork!) after opening the can to reveal the gender. This idea from Really Risa is just too cute!

12) Pillow Fight. This is definitely one of the best unique gender reveals out there! Ask a friend to dye some feathers for you and stuff them in a pillow, then have a pillow fight that ends with dyed pink or blue feathers everywhere. As you’ll see on the post Simply Stitched did, the photos will come out incredible!

13) Gender reveal fireworks. Having a summertime gender reveal party? You can totally wow your guests while giving them a show, especially around the 4th of July. Then, launch a red or blue firework into the sky showing the gender just like this blogger did!

Aren’t these unique gender reveal ideas so much fun? I’ll be giving one of these a try for baby number two one day—now I just have to pick which!


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