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Thinking of traveling solo? We’ve got you covered! The Wanderful community is a global resource you can tap into for travel advice and tips, but we thought we’d take that a step further to help even more women travel solo confidently.

Get all the resources and support you need in our new Women Traveling Solo Toolkit + Masterclass, made for women everywhere.

Why Travel Solo as a Woman?

The stories women are told about solo travel tend to drift into two opposing trends: the Eat Pray Love adventure or the Taken dangers. But solo travel for women is so much more than these two simplistic tropes!

Here are some of the top myths about solo women’s travel that we’ve seen over and over again:

  • Solo travel is dangerous
  • You’ll feel lonely
  • A “real” solo adventure means staying on a mountaintop alone for months
  • Solo travel is only for young, able-bodied, white, Western women

Despite the typical storylines we’re fed, women are getting out there on their own en masse. In fact, 80-85% of travel decisions are made by women and 2/3 of all travelers are female. Going even further, search results for “solo female travel” grew 230% in 2019.

Women are traveling solo in spite of the fearmongering and obstacles in our way. And Wanderful is on a mission to make that easier for every woman.

What’s Included in this Toolkit + Masterclass?

This Women Traveling Solo Toolkit + Masterclass is not another safety list. In fact, we highly recommend you ignore those safety lists altogether since they are inherently problematic.

We’re constantly bombarded with conflicting information as solo female travelers. With this toolkit + masterclass, you’ll get all the tips and resources you need to kickstart your adventures with confidence, ignoring all the noise.

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Here’s what’s inside:

  1. An on-demand webinar and slides packed with tips and insights from a seasoned solo woman traveler
  2. Packing tips + our favorite gift guides
  3. Top gadgets and tools for traveling women
  4. Our list of favorite travel apps
  5. A book list to guide your further reading
  6. Lists of top content creators to follow for travel inspiration
  7. Your guide to women-owned travel companies
  8. A huge discount on Wanderful membership
  9. Full access to recordings from the 2020 Wanderful Woman Summit
  10. Free access to our course: 8 steps to start your travel blog

Meet the Women Traveling Solo Toolkit Creator

Beth Santos is the Founder and CEO of Wanderful, and your personal guide to confident solo travel!

Beth Santos founder and CEO of Wanderful

In 2009, while cruising her blue motorcycle through the streets of São Tomé and Príncipe, Beth created the first iteration of Wanderful.

What started as a travel blog aimed to explore the diverse and shared experiences of women traveling the world has now become an international community and social network with the active participation of over 40,000 women and nonbinary people of all ages and backgrounds.

Beth has been named one of 17 changemakers shaping the future of the travel industry by Business Insider and one of 10 people shaping the future of Boston by Timeout.

She’s also the co-owner of Ula Cafe, a social justice-oriented cafe in Jamaica Plain, Boston. When she’s not traveling the world or pulling espressos, she’s working in her garden with her husband and two daughters.

Learn More About Wanderful

Wanderful is a collective of thousands of travelers and travel creatives on a mission to make travel better for all women everywhere. We do this by connecting them to a live global network and resources to guide their journeys.

Part of that mission includes striving to make the travel industry more equitable. We highlight the voices of marginalized creators and entrepreneurs, and we advocate for more inclusive travel marketing.

Wanderful is also the creator of the WITS Travel Creator + Brand Summit, a leading industry event for content creators and brands, as well as the Bessie Awards, which honors women and gender-diverse people of impact in travel.

And we’re also the creators of Wanderfest, the first major outdoor festival for women travelers!

Our community includes thousands of travelers, each with a unique identity and experience. No matter what yours is, you belong here.

When you download the free toolkit + masterclass, you’ll also receive a discount to join our global community! There’s no easier way to start your solo travel journey than by tapping into the expertise and experience of thousands of other women travelers.

Wondering If This Solo Travel Toolkit is for You?

Maybe you’ve been thinking about traveling solo but aren’t sure how to get started. Or maybe someone has already given you the famous, “wow, by yourself?” eyebrow raise when you told them you wanted to travel alone.

Perhaps you want to know how to travel safely and responsibly when it’s time to get out there.

Or maybe you’re just feeling that itch for something new to shake up your life.

Whatever your reason, we understand. You’ll find camaraderie and inspiration in abundance within the Wanderful community!

Wanderful women's travel group photo

If you’re ready to feel inspired by some of the most influential traveling women of the world today and you’re craving a sisterhood of women with your level of wanderlust, then Wanderful is for you.

Grab your free toolkit, learn from the free masterclass, and then join us in the community to start your solo travel adventures! We would love to welcome you into the sisterhood.


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