Recycle Projects We Love: 14 Bottle Cap Crafts for Kids of All Ages


14 Bottle Cap Crafts for Kids of All Ages | If you have metal beer bottle caps, screw tops from wine bottles, or plaster water bottle caps hanging around, and want some fun recycling art projects you can create with your kids or students, this post has tons of ideas to inspire you! From pop bottle necklaces, to beer cap magnets, to decorative artwork like sunflowers and landscapes, to coasters and more, there are so creative ways you can upcycle bottle caps with your kids!

A basic bottle cap can be the starting point for a wide range of recycled craft projects. They are a fun way for you and your kids to take what seems like a useless item and turn it into something special!

Grab a discarded soda, water, or beer bottle from your recycling bin and create one of these 14 bottle cap crafts.

9 Bottle Cap Craft Essentials

First things first. Start off by gathering some of these 9 essentials to help you create your bottle cap crafts.

  1. Variety of bottle caps – Metal caps are used in most crafts, but can sometimes be harder to come by. However, either one will work well for most projects. You can even find fun bottle caps for purchase online or in your local craft store.
  2. Hot glue gun – A simple glue stick won’t do for most projects. Grab a hot glue gun to help you stick those bottle caps where you want them or to add embellishments. If you’re nervous about using one around your kids, a low-temp glue gun is a great option.
  3. Paints – Gather a selection of different types of paint in a variety of colors. If your project is going to live outdoors, make sure you choose a paint that is outdoor approved.
  4. Newspaper – Newspaper makes a great base for just about any project. It will protect the surface that you’re working on and make cleaning up a breeze!
  5. Embellishments – Gather up all the crafting goodies you have. Everything from pom pom balls and googly eyes, to colored string and ribbons, to feathers and glitter.
  6. Small, strong, magnets – Magnets and bottle caps are the perfect pairing. They can be used to create some adorable fridge magnets!
  7. Hammer – A hammer can be used to help flatten out any bumps in your bottle caps.
  8. Pliers – Pliers are a great tool for pulling the rims of bottle caps outward. It creates a fun, flared edge.
  9. Europunch pliers – These special pliers help you punch holes in your bottle caps to create things like necklaces and ornaments.

5 Tips for Crafting with Bottle Caps

Before you start crafting, keep in mind these 5 tips.

  1. Create a gathering spot – Use a box or small container to start gathering your bottle caps. Make it a habit to place them in the box as soon as you pop that top!
  2. Take advantage of colors and patterns – What makes bottle caps so much fun are their different colors, patterns, and pictures. Go for a variety of different ones to give your project that special something.
  3. Remove them carefully – When removing bottle caps, do so carefully. Be gentle so you can avoid any large dents in the middle and you’re left with a flat surface perfect for decorating.
  4. Use two coats – If you’re painting your bottle caps, be prepared to use more than one coat of paint. Spray paint usually allows for better coverage than your typical craft paint.
  5. Take care – When using metal bottle caps, you need to pay attention to any sharp edges and make sure that when you’re punching holes or using pliers that it’s done by an adult or an older child.

14 Bottle Cap Crafts for Kids

Now that you’ve gathered your essentials and know what to look out for, dive into these 14 bottle cap crafts!

  1. Bottle Cap Garden Art | Suburbia Unwrapped
  2. Bottle Cap Bookmarks | By Your Hands
  3. Bird Puppet | Messy Little Monster
  4. Bottle Cap Spiders | Kids Activities Blog
  5. Bottle Cap State Art | Beneath My Heart
  6. Bottle Cap Magnet Flowers | Pretty Handy Girl
  7. Plastic Lid Monsters | Crafts by Amanda
  8. Bottle Cap Rattlesnake | Moms & Crafters
  9. Magnet Ladybugs | Suburbia Unwrapped
  10. Bottle Cap Garland | S.E.I Crafts
  11. Bottle Cap Candles | Craftaholics Anonymous
  12. Bottle Cap Necklace | Girl Gone Mom
  13. Pom Pom Christmas Ornaments | Recycled Crafts
  14. Bottle Cap Catapult | Teach Engineering

Now it’s time to stretch your imaginations and create amazing bottle cap crafts of your own!


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