Wanderful Reads: How Not to Travel the World


Image courtesy of Lauren Juliff.

A new book is here! The Wanderful Boston chapter, a group of travel-loving ladies who meet regularly to share stories and experiences, has chosen the October/November book club pick.

Drumroll, please….

How Not to Travel the World: Adventures of a Disaster-Prone Backpacker by Lauren Juliff

One of our own Wanderful women, Sara Weiskotten, recommended the book after she heard about it through another blogger. Sara read it and loved it.

Sara says…

“Lauren has been traveling the world for the past 4+ years, and I think the reason it’s relatable and enjoyable to read this book is that they are real-life experiences from someone who is very similar to a lot of our members, in the sense that she had a love and desire to travel the world and share her experiences with others. She’s not just writing about when things went well on her travels, but the ups and downs, as well as highlighting her inexperience and showing how she worked through it. It’s a different side of the travel world that is honest, and sometimes hard to believe, but in the end it did all happen to her, good and bad.”

Sara reached out to the author too! Lauren is super excited that the Wanderful women will be reading her book!

The author herself! Image from of neverendingfootsteps.com.

Buy your copy from Amazon to support Wanderful.

And take a look at what Amazon has to say about How Not to Travel the World:

“It was hitting rock bottom that convinced Lauren to quit her job, sell everything she owned, and travel the world alone. It wasn’t an easy decision: she suffered from debilitating anxiety, was battling an eating disorder, and had just had her heart broken. Not only that, but she had so little life experience that she had never eaten rice or been on a bus.

“She’d hoped leaving everything behind would help her find and heal herself, but instead Lauren’s travels were full of bad luck and near-death experiences. She was scammed and assaulted; lost teeth and swallowed a cockroach. She fell into leech-infested rice paddies, was caught up in a tsunami, had the brakes of her motorbike fail, and experienced a very unhappy ending in Thailand. It was just as she was about to give up on travel when she stumbled across a handsome New Zealander with a love of challenges…

“How Not to Travel The World is about following your dreams, no matter how many curveballs life throws at you. It’s about learning to get out of your comfort zone, finding the humour in messed up situations, and falling in love with life on the road.”

Here’s how it works:

Thursday, October 7: Book is introduced. Let’s start reading! Purchase your copy of the book here to support Wanderful.

Throughout November: Wanderful women discuss the book in person in their local chapters.

Beginning of December: Announcement of our next book!

When are the book clubs meeting?

To learn more about our travel book club and the dates our chapters are meeting, stay tuned!

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