How to Go Gray Gracefully: 14 Tips and Tricks for Women


How to Go Gray Gracefully | Whether you're only just starting to notice gray hairs and thinking of embracing the change and going gray naturally, or you're stuck at home with no ability to get to the salon for your usual highlights or hair dye and need to do SOMETHING to improve the state of your roots, this post has tons of great tips and products to teach you how to go gray quickly while still looking and feeling your best!

Gray hair, don’t care! Rocking natural gray hair is more chic than ever before. While it’s typically been the norm to dye your hair when it goes gray, there’s a growing trend in embracing your natural hair colour. If you’re tired of constant trips to the salon to colour your gray hair (and the price tag that comes along with it), embracing your natural gray is the way to go. It can be an overwhelming thought and the process is not a short one, but we’re letting you in on 14 tips for how to go gray gracefully.

How to Go Gray Gracefully

1. Embrace the Process
It’s important to remember that if you’ve been dyeing your hair, growing out your natural colour is not a short process. The more you’re able to plan, the easier and more seamless the process will be. For most people it’s a year-long process, so if you’re ready to commit to gray hair, patience is key.

2. Talk Options with Your Hair Stylist
Talk to your hairdresser about the easiest way for you to transition from coloured to gray hair. They may suggest lowlights or highlights to ease into gray hair, making it less of a stark contrast between your natural and dyed locks. Plus, they can give you advice on what hairstyle will work best for your face shape when you go gray.

3. Chop, Chop
If you’ve never dyed your hair, you don’t have to grow out your roots, however if you do dye your hair, you may consider cutting it as often as possible to remove old colour from the ends. To make the transition between coloured hair and natural gray as smooth as possible, chopping your hair will help you on your way.

4. Start Masking
Start regularly masking your hair so it stays healthy and hydrated. Gray hair tends to get coarse and dry, so adding a deep conditioning, soothing hair mask into your routine will help it look softer, shinier and healthier.

5. Use The Proper Shampoo
Gray and white hair can turn yellowish or dull when you don’t use the right shampoo. A shampoo specifically formulated for gray hair will help to give life to dull, yellow or brassy locks. A violet-tinted shampoo will typically work well when used once or twice a week. Just make sure to use a super hydrating shampoo on the other days.

6. Change Up Your Makeup and Clothing Colours
The colour of your hair can change the way your skin looks, and as we age, it can tend to look washed out when we wear the wrong shades. Wearing colours that match your natural skin, eye and hair tones will bring out your natural features in the most beautiful way.

7. Fight the Frizz
Gray hair tends to get really dry, so keeping your tresses moisturized should be top priority. Since gray hair is more coarse and dry, keep the frizz under control with anti-frizz products. Frizz can make your hair look even older than it is so use anti-frizz products consistently to give youth to your hair.

8. Rock a Bright Lip
Adding a bright, bold lip colour to your makeup routine will make you look and feel vitalized and energetic. It will add colour to your face and keep you from looking washed out.

9. Cut Off Split Ends Regularly
Another way to ensure you gray gracefully is cutting off your split ends on a regular basis. This will give shine to your hair and eliminate dryness, while also simplifying your hair care and styling routines.

10. Try Out Different Hairstyles
Playing around with different hairstyles creates different looks that can make growing out your gray look cool and intentional. Try ponytails, a different part, a low bun, or a brushed back look to camouflage the roots. Try out different styles as it grows out to find the best hairstyle for you at each phase.

11. Use a Hair Serum
Since gray hair tends to be dryer and more coarse, it’s important to add hydration and enhance luster, especially for women who have a lot of texture in their hair. Try a humidity-resistant serum to fight frizz, condition your hair and get silky smooth results.

12. Wear a Hat or Other Hair Covering in the Sun
The sun causes gray hair to turn a gray-ish yellow colour, so the more time you spend with your hair unprotected in the sun, the more damage is done to your hair and scalp. If you know you’re going to be in the direct sunlight, make sure to wear a hat or other hair covering.

13. Keep Your Eyebrows Original
Although your hair may be gray, it’s best to keep your eyebrows as close to their original colour as possible. You can do this by using a brow pomade or dye. This will help create a frame for your face and sharpen your features for a more youthful look.

14. Avoid Heat Styling as Much as Possible
Just like the sun, using heat styling tools like a straightening iron or curling rod can damage gray hair, and cause it to turn yellow. Avoid heat styling as much as possible, but when you have to do it, use a ceramic curler or flat iron, which gives an even distribution of heat, sealing the cuticle and leaving the hair soft and shiny.

If you’re ready to embrace your gray hair, use these tips and tricks make the process as seamless as possible!


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